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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Cremation


Cremation is a way to bid farewell to the loved one and offer a sense of closure to the ones in grief. The same should be said and done for our pets, who are the most dependable and devoted companions we could possibly have.

The death of our pets may always seem to be remote when we are so used to the idea of having them around. This leaves many pet parents unprepared when the tragedy becomes a reality.

To save you the trouble of fumbling for information at the last minute, we have put together everything you need to know about pet cremation in Singapore.

There are 3 types of pet cremation services to consider.

  1. Private Cremation
  2. Individual Cremation
  3. Communal Cremation

Private Cremation

The pet’s remains will be returned to you in an urn after being burned up in the chamber by itself. You can watch the procedure with family and friends as well.

Individual Cremation

The pet will be cremated among other animals, but in different chambers. You won’t be able to see the process, but you will receive your pet’s remains in an urn.

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be cremated with others and you won’t get to keep your pet’s remains. All ashes will either be buried together or scattered at sea.

Private and individual cremations generally cost more as compared to communal arrangements.

Disposing of Pet’s Remains

We all know that pet parents will not have the heart to toss their pets down the rubbish chute but if you are thinking about it, did you know that it is against the National Environment Agency (NEA) Rules and Regulations as well? According to NEA, you should not bring the remains of large animals like dogs and cats to the waste-to-energy (WTE) plants for disposal but to engage the services of commercial animal crematoria instead.

If you’re a parent of a small pet such as ornamental fish, birds and hamsters, they can actually be properly bagged and disposed in your rubbish cans. According to NEA, as long as your pet’s remains are carefully wrapped and placed with other bagged general waste, they can be brought to the waste-to-energy (WTE) plants and be disposed.

Now that all of you pet parents know about what kinds of pet cremation services are available, lets move on to how are we going to choose a good pet cremation company.

How to Select a Good Pet Cremation Service Provider?

In order to select a good pet cremation company, here are some key points that pet parents should know.

1. Good Reviews and Recommendations

Positive evaluations are evidence of the company’s professionalism and credibility. Look up reviews of potential pet cremation providers online to find out what previous clients have to say.

2. 24-Hour Service Available

You should always keep the phone number of a 24-hour cremation service accessible if your pet is ill since you never know when they will leave this world. They will be able to pick up your pet whenever you need them to do so in this way.

3. Various Service Options

You should choose a company that offers the service alternatives that will fit your needs because not all cremation service providers offer all the 3 types of cremation services mentioned above.

Additionally, you can also see if they offer extra services like sea scatter services and columbarium storage.

4. Right Storage and Transportation

Ask a pet cremation company about their transportation policies before hiring them. As an alternative, you can consult online forums for pet owners and inquire about past users’ opinions.

Select a service provider that can transport your pet safely. Your pet should be delivered safely to the crematorium in a pet body bag that has been appropriately tagged with a tag.

They should then be kept secure until their cremation. Their bodies should be handled gently by the cremation service and kept in a thermal room for preservation.

5. Pet Identification After Cremation

You, as a pet parent, would want to be able to identify your deceased pet’s ashes after cremation. Additional steps should be taken by the pet cremation company to ensure this. 

When pet cremation services take your pet from your home or the veterinarian, they typically affix an identification tag to them. Ask the service how they plan to verify the identity of the pet.

What Can I Do After Pet Cremation?

Apart from bringing home the ashes in an urn, there are a few other options that you can go with after receiving your pet’s ashes.

1. Keeping the ashes in an urn at the columbarium

One way of storing your pet’s ashes is by leaving it at the columbarium where your pet will be under the companion of other furry friends on their journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

2. Scatter ashes into the sea

Another way to send off your pet when the cremated remains are returned to nature is to scatter their ashes into the sea. Scattering your pet’s ashes into the sea is a natural way to return them into the ecosystem. Some cremation service providers are able to arrange for sea scattering of the ashes.

3. Convert ashes into jewelry, keychain or art

Regarding pet cremation jewelry, there are numerous possibilities. You can make some of their cremated remains into a stunning necklace, bracelet, or even a diamond or other gemstone. This is a lovely choice that you may wear with pride to honor your pet.



It can be challenging to consider death, much less the passing of our beloved pets. While being apart is hard, the good memories of the time we have spent with our pets are what to be cherished. The experience of losing a loved one and the thought that one day we will reunite may make it easier for us to cope with the inevitable part of nature better.