aPM Rewards

aPM members are entitled to exclusive privileges & rewards (including discount & free gifts) by redeeming aPM Points accumulated via completing various tasks on aPetMart.

There are multiple ways to earn aPM Points to be used on your next purchase.

  1. Sign up an account on aPetMart.com: Receive 1000 aPM Points for free
  2. Purchase Products:
    • Earning 2 aPM Points for every S$1 spent
    • aPM Points will be credited to your account 3 days after your order status is changed to “completed”
  3. Leave a Product Review: Earn 50 aPM Points
  4. Refer a Friend:
    • You will receive 500 aPM Points after your referred friend have signed up an account at aPetMart & successfully placed the first order.
    • Your referred friend will receive 500 aPM Points sign-up bonus.
  5. Follow aPetMart on Facebook: Earn 100 aPM Points
  6. Follow aPetMart on Instagram: Earn 5 aPM Points
  7. Share aPM products or post on Facebook: Earn5 aPM Points
  • Every 100 aPM Points can be redeemed for a $1 discount.
  • Please log into your aPM account first via My Account and place your order.
  • During checkout, enter the number of aPM points your want to redeem in the field below on your Cart page. Click “Redeem Now” button. The discount will be automatically applied. 
  • For each order, the maximum discount that can be redeemed through aPM Points is 5% of the item total price. The remaining points in your aPM account can be used for your subsequent orders.

  • Login to aPetMart
  • Go to My Account > My aPM Rewards
  • Send friends your referral link (My Account > My aPM Rewards > My Referral Link).
  • If your friend uses your referral link, you will receive 500 aPM Points after your referred friend have signed up an account at aPetMart & successfully placed the first order.
  • Your referred friend will receive 500 aPM Points sign-up bonus.
  • Login to aPetMart
  • Go to My Account > My aPM Rewards > My Referral Link.

Your aPM Points will expire 1 year from the time when the Points are earned.

Return & Refund

Exchange & return of goods is possible on a case-by-case basis within 3 working days of delivery, subject to aPetMart’s Terms & Conditions.  If a product is not defective or incorrect, the product is not eligible for return, refund or exchange. 

  1. Wrong or defective items
    • All customers are obliged to check the items upon receiving the delivery. If incorrect/defective items are delivered, please contact us immediately within 3 working days of delivery.
    • All returned products should not be used or expired. Product packaging should not be opened and tags should not be tampered with. The item should be in the original box and/or packaging. Please ensure that the item you are returning is in the same original sellable condition as it was received by you and is packaged properly. Otherwise, the return or exchange is not valid.
    • This policy is applicable only to those products that do not fall under the list of non-refundable items provided for on our Site.
    • This policy is not applicable to customized or wearable items including but not limited to the below:
      • Customized ID Tag
      • Assembled cages, beds, carriers, enclosures, gates etc.
      • Collars, leashes and harnesses
      • Soft E-collars
      • Frozen/chilled products, & perishable products
      • All wearables
      • Hays
    • We regret that customers who decline to return the item to our fulfilment centre will not be eligible for any returns or refunds.
  1. Change of Heart
    • We regret that currently we do not accept request for return/refund/exchange if the item is not incorrect or defective.


If the item you ordered is out of stock, you may choose to 

  • Get a refund for the item,
  • Replace with an available alternative product, or
  • Wait for the restock (if there is an ETA provided by the supplier for the new shipment***).

On the checkout page before payment, you will be asked for your preference in the event of item(s) out of stock as shown below.

If any item you ordered is out of stock, our Customer Support Team will contact you via email/whatsapp for a refund/replacement according to your preferred choice indicated on the checkout form.  

If you choose to switch to an alternative product of a higher price, you will need to top up for the price difference. If the alternative product is of lower price, you will be refunded for the price difference.

***Please kindly note that the ETA of the new shipment from overseas is an estimated timeline provided by the local distributor, which may be subject to change, delay or cancellation beyond our control. We will keep you updated on any changes as soon as we receive the update from the local distributor. However, aPetMart cannot guarantee on the ETA provided by the distributor. In case of freight delay or cancellation, we will issue you a full refund of paid amount.

Most products listed on our website are only indented upon purchase from the latest shipments islandwide to ensure the items delivered to you are always the freshest available in Singapore. Only fast-moving products are likely to be stocked in our warehouse in large quantities. Hence, not all items’ stock is guaranteed. The stock of some items is subject to suppliers’ availability.



  • On-hold: The order will be on-hold before payment is received if the payment method selected is bank transfer. 
  • Processing: The order will remain in “processing” status after payment until it is delivered. 
  • Completed: The order has been delivered. 
  • Cancelled: The order will be cancelled automatically if payment is not made after 3 working days upon ordering. Alternatively, an order can be cancelled upon customer request. 
  • Refunded: A full refund has been issued for the order. 
  • Failed: Credit card payment for the order has failed. The order will not be processed. 
  • For bank transfer orders, order status will be: On-hold -> Processing -> Completed
  • For credit card orders, order status will be: Processing -> Completed