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What Are Cat Scratchers?

Cat scratchers are an absolute necessity; for both you and your cat.

They may not look as fancy as all the other cat toys you’ve probably seen, but they certainly keep your pet occupied and safe better than anything else. Cat scratchers are the one thing standing in between your kitty’s sharp claws and your nice furniture. These cat scratching posts, as you’ll see from our fine collection, are usually blocks of wood covered in carpeted material, and cats can’t seem to stay away from them.

The Importance of Cat Scratchers 

Here are a few more reasons why you should be making this purchase as soon as you can:

  • It’s Good for Their Health

    If you’re worried that giving your cat an opportunity to scratch an object is promoting bad behaviour, don’t be. Allowing your pet to have a cat scratching post is actually good for its claws as it allows them to remain in shape. The motion of scratching helps clear dead cells on the outer layer of their nails.

    Scratching also helps them stay calm and reduces their anxiety. If you are a caretaker of multiple cats, this is even more crucial. They should each have one of their own cat tower scratchers so that they’ll remain relaxed and more pleasant throughout the day.

    Scratching is instinctual in cats. Stifling that habit does none of you any favours. Give them an outlet to do so instead, through our many well-crafted cat scratchers in Singapore.

  • It’s a Good Exercise

    Cats are more like humans than we give them credit for. Just like us, cats crave some movement after spending too much time being sedate. For cats, the best way to release this energy is to go about scratching things.

    Scratching also releases hormones that improve your feline friend’s mood, as scratching is reminiscent of how they mark their territory as well. Leaving behind their scent through the glands on a cat’s paw is also a part of this.

  • It Allows Them to Spend Time With Other Cats

    Although the recommendation is that each cat gets its own cat scratching post in homes with multiple cats, it also makes sense to get a communal cat tower scratcher. Your feline friends can use this as an opportunity to interact and engage in play. Similar to how we share our common interests when making friends, so do animals.

Our Cat Scratchers

Our online pet supply store in Singapore has some of the best cat scratchers in Singapore. The cat scratching posts and towers we’ve curated are durable, attractive, and of the most impeccable quality. We carry well-known brands like Pet Rebels, All For Paws and Auskie, so you can be assured that your cats get the luxury treatment they deserve.

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