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What Are Dog Pee Pads and Pee Trays?

Dog pee pads and pee trays go by a myriad of other names, including potty pads, piddles pads, dog training pads, and more. They are usually made up of rectangular or square layers of absorbent material that is invaluable to a pet caretaker – especially since its primary function is to soak up your pet's pee.

There are a variety of different dog pee pads and pee trays available on aPetMart for you to pick from. Choose one from our vast collection based on your pet's unique preferences and needs. For instance, odour-eliminating scents in a pee pad are especially effective at reducing strong smells. Adhesive tabs help keep the pee trays and pee pads for dogs in place for pet caretakers whose furry pals have a tendency towards hyperactivity and are always knocking things about.

If you lack the ability or means to constantly take your puppies outside for a walk to take care of their business – especially if you're someone who has mobility problems or who doesn't live in an area with spacious outdoor space like in many parts of Singapore – dog pee pads and pee trays are lifesavers. They are incredibly convenient and crucial to ensuring your dogs can relieve themselves when needed.

Advantages of Having a Dog Pee Pad or Pee Tray

Need more convincing before you decide if dog pee trays or pee pads are the way to go? Here is a list of undeniable advantages you can obtain from purchasing one for your pet dog:

  • It Creates an Appropriate Potty Spot

    Pet caretakers are usually fully aware of their pups' signs when they need to relieve themselves. When you do recognise them, speed is of the essence as you haul them out to allow them to take care of their business. Fortunately, you won't have to rush to the door if you teach your dog to use dog pee trays, and your dog won't feel the need to hold its bladder or relieve themselves at an inappropriate location while you're away from home. Pheromone-infused pee pad trays encourage your dogs to use them, so you no longer need to take them outdoors for this particular endeavour.

  • It Is Much More Convenient to Clean

    Using pee pads and pee trays for dogs makes things much quicker and simpler to clean. You don't need to scrub and sanitise the area after your dog has done its business; you can get it cleaned in a matter of minutes in just a few easy steps. Just toss the pads out when you're done!

  • It Is Weather-Friendly

    Imagine the advantages of not having to go outdoors in bad weather for you and your pet. Some puppies struggle to relieve themselves outside in bad weather because they are uncomfortable or unable to focus. Puppies trained to use a pee pad will help to save the hassle of going outside.

So, don't hesitate. Get your high-quality dog pee pads and dog pee trays in Singapore from aPetMart, the country’s premier retailer, for all your pet-related needs. Browse our website for a broad range of reliable products, affordable prices, and free island-wide today!