Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

The focus of aPetMart’s corporate social responsibility is on animals, people, equality and the environment. We view social advancement, environmental sustainability, and commercial progress as being entwined and interdependent. Because of this, aPetMart’s Policies and initiatives support our dedication to improving the environment for everyone. We seek to bring about positive social and environmental change throughout our ecosystem, from our staff and partners to our customers, our communities, our industry, and our shared environment, by putting to use aPetMart’s resources, competences, and team-based problem-solving strategy.

Initiatives aPetMart has embarked on:


Beach Clean-Up

As part of our initiative to mitigate the harmful environmental impact of plastic bags and waste, we frequently organize and participate in beach clean-up activities to remove hazardous debris for marine life and to make the beach a safer, cleaner environment for visitors.


100% Reusable Grocery Bags

We have been active in mitigating the harmful environmental impact of plastic bags by using our own signature re-usable black bag to deliver orders to customers which can also be used for grocery shopping.


Reusable Packaging

All orders that we deliver are packed in carton boxes recycled from nearby stores or from the inventories we received as a way to reduce the wasting of cardboard and to save the environment.



Donations to BizLink

We believe that equal opportunity should be given to everyone, including disadvantaged individuals. Which is why we regularly donate to BizLink, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities.


Donations to SPCA

We are avid supporters for pet adoptions and believe that animals should be treated the same as humans, with kindness and respect. Which is why we make frequent donations to the SPCA. We support their cause to promote kindness and to prevent cruelty to animals.


Donations to CAS

We firmly believe that all animals are entitled to be free from suffering, abuse and exploitation and we are obliged to treat animals the same way as how we treat people. We do make regular donations to the CAS to support them in their mission to save the lives of the homeless and unwanted pets of Singapore.


Donations to ACRES

We know that animals are like us, they experience pain, stress and discomfort. Many are intelligent and they feel complex emotions. ARCES wants to foster respect and compassion to all animals and to improve the living conditions and welfare of animals in captivity. We donate to ARCES to support them in their mission.


Donations to SUN-DAC

We support the idea that everyone, including those who face disadvantages, should have an equal chance at opportunities. That is why we make regular contributions to SUN-DAC, a non-profit organization committed to caring for individuals with disabilities.

Nanyang Technological University logo

Donations to NTU

We believe in giving equal opportunities for all, including students from diverse backgrounds. Which is why we proudly support NTU, contributing to their mission of nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Project LUNI Logo

Donations to Project LUNI

We wholeheartedly believe in creating a nurturing environment for every cat in need. That’s why we have donated a range of cat supplies to Project LUNI to assist local cat feeders in their compassionate care of stray cats, supporting their dedication to the health and happiness of kittens and cats

aPetMart is more than just a pet mart because we care.

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