Tropiclean: Puppy Clean Teeth Gel

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  • Comes in a 59ml bottle
  • Helps to keep teeth clean and breath fresh
  • No toothbrush required!
  • Suitable for puppies 16 weeks and above


Tropiclean: Puppy Clean Teeth Gel for Dogs and Cats

Fresh Breath Digestive Support is specifically designed to clean teeth and freshen breath while also helping to promote a healthy digestive system. Using natural prebiotic sources from chicory root and larch trees, our water additive helps feed the good bacteria to support a healthy body. Complete pet wellness 12 hours of fresh breath!

Fresh Breath Plus is uniquely designed to clean teeth, freshen breath and promote complete pet wellness. Daily oral hygiene is essential to pet health. Without it, 70% of dogs and cats will start showing signs of periodontal disease by age three. When left untreated, oral disease can lead to serious health problems affecting the heart, lungs, kidney and other major organs.

Apply 2 drops to each side of the puppy’s mouth. Apply CLEAN TEETH GEL directly to the teeth. Apply once daily in the evening. After applying, you’ll soon notice your puppy licking their lips repeatedly. This is normal and helps the gel mix with the saliva and coat all surfaces of your puppy’s teeth and gums. For maximum effect, withhold food and water for 30 minutes before and after treatment. Ordinarily, after 30 days, application can be reduced to 2 times weekly for regular maintenance.

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