Stefanplast Furba Cat Litter Tray

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Stefanplast Furba Cat Litter Tray is an unique system for litter removal. The Furba Cat Litter Tray consists of 2 removable litter trays and one strainer. By removing the outer rim, you can lift up the strainer, sifting the waste from the litter. With the Furba Cat Litter Tray you can just toss the waste straight from the strainer into the bin, without the need of using a litter scoop, thus it is more hygienic and clean. The double tray system allows you to interchange the litter trays for cleaning and it makes the litter removal process much more easy and convenient. The innovative Furba Cat Litter Tray is made with premium, non-toxic plastic in Italy


  • Measures 39 x 59 x H22 cm
  • Consists of 2 trays, 1 strainer and 1 outer rim
  • Strainer sifts out the waste from the litter, removing the need for litter scoop
  • 2 tray system can be used interchangeably
  • More hygienic and clean



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