Auskie Electric Mouse with Remote Control

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Perfect toy for the hunter! Cater to feline’s love for moving target and their chasing instinct.

Perfect for lazy cat parent! Keep your kitty entertained by remotely control the mouse without running around.




Singapore-based Premium Pet Supply.

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Grey, Black, White, Brown

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3 reviews for Auskie Electric Mouse with Remote Control

  1. Andrew Cheong (verified owner)

    very good and affordable toy to play with you cat. you can seat on the sofa comfortably and watch your cat chasing the remote controlled mouse all over the house. it has only 2 buttons to control and easy to use.

  2. Carman Chew (verified owner)

    cheap and fun toy to play with your pet!

  3. Edwin Yap (verified owner)

    super easy to use, my cats love it

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