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Do pets need supplements?

Supplements can provide nutrients that help lower our risk of health problems. They come in different forms, and many people are already taking daily supplements to improve or maintain their health.
So, if there are supplements for us people, are there supplements for our pets?

Can my pet take supplements?
Yes. But pets cannot take the same supplements as us people take. However, there are supplements that are made specifically for pets.

For dogs and cats, the most popular supplements made for them are meant to support their joints and digestive health, followed by supplements to aid with their cognition, skin and coat, and heart health.

But, do note that pet supplements should be given based on a veterinarian’s advice. Read on more to find out when should you start giving your pet supplements.

How often should I give my pet supplements?
Commercial pet foods are already specifically formulated to meet your pet’s supplement needs.
However, pets with particular health and wellness concerns can always take supplements, as instructed by a veterinarian. If you are concerned whether or not your pets require supplements, take them to a vet to get an expertise recommendation.

What are the symptoms that indicate it’s time to bring my pet to a veterinarian?
You can look out for your pet’s coat. If it seems poor, it could indicate skin, metabolic, or hormonal problems. If your pet’s seem to have weaker bones/joints, it could also be a sign of arthritis.

There are also digestive problems when it comes to your pets. Take note of any unusual change in their digestive routine (i.e. sudden vomiting, less appetite, difficulty passing motion, Etc.). Bring them to a vet for a check-up if there are any unusual changes.

The vet should recommend certain supplements to your pet, and advise accordingly on how often should you give your pet supplements.

In conclusion, should I give my pet supplements?
The answer depends on your pet’s health. Generally, you would want to take them to a veterinarian first for a checkup. It is advisable to get a vet’s recommendation on whether or not and when would your pet need to take supplements.

Besides, pet food that you buy from pet shops contain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals that your pet needs. Hence, there’s no need to give your pet any extra supplements, unless they have health conditions or special intake needs, which then you should take them to a vet first.

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