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aPetMart X Tito’s Vodka Charity for Dogs

Tito charity flyer

aPetMart is proud to support Tito’s Vodka charity for dogs by collaborating with Destination Beverage! Use our code “TITOS_05” to purchase Tito’s Vodka at Destination Beverage (164 East Coast Road) or on their online website. For EVERY bottle of Tito’s Vodka purchased, Tito’s Vodka will buy $15 worth of pet supply and donate it to SPCA. Buy your Tito’s Vodka and contribute to a charity for dogs.

SPCA Charity

charity for dog

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is Singapore’s sole non-profit animal clinic that provides various forms of help to animals. These include but are not limited to:

  • Sterilization programs
  • Adoptions programs
  • Animal shelters
  • Education outreach

    At aPetMart, we value the lives of animals and we are committed to improving the lives of our furry friends. We are beyond delighted to contribute to this inspiring cause.

    Tito’s Vodka

    Tito's Vodka

    Tito’s Vodka is a Texas-found vodka brand specializing in using yellow corn, rather than potatoes or wheat to create its beverages. However what is more important to us is their vision, for their “Vodka for Dog People” program. It looks to improve the lives of pets and their families, which is exactly in line with our vision as well.