Covid-19 Operation

With the recent government requirements on the closure of non-essential business starting from 7 Apr 2020, we  have received many enquiries with regards to our business continuation and delivery. 

Pet supply services has been classified as an essential service by the goverment. aPetMart will remain open to help pet parents in taking care of all furkids during this unprecedented time. 

Our focus has always been about providing quality pet supplies at affordable price to all furdis. In view of the situation today, we now find ourselves in a position where it is also our priority to safeguard the health of you, our staff and the wider community. Hence, we have decided to adjust our operation in the following ways to better protect everyone. These measures will help us to stay open for as long as possible to offer essential pet services to your pets during this special time. 

Contactless Delivery

Contactless delivery will be implemented to minimize direct contact until further notice. You will be notified via SMS/Whatsapp before delivery. During delivery, our delivery staff will follow the below steps. 

  1. Place the parcel by the door; 
  2. Take of photo of the parcel at the door (which will replace the recipient’s signature as a proof of delivery)
  3. Press the doorbell or knock the door;
  4. Step back at least 2 meters away from the door;
  5. Wait for the recipients to collect the item

If no one answers the door upon delivery, the parcel will be left in the riser, at the door or reception/guardhouse if no special instruction was given upon ordering.

Social distancing is to be observed by both our delivery staff & customers to better protect everyone during this special time. 

Suspension of Self-collection

Self collection will be suspended to control the human traffic in our office and warehouse until further notice.

Potential Delay in Delivery

During this unprecedented time, we are receiving a high influx of orders as more pet parents choose to shop online. Meanwhile, our overseas suppliers, our local distributors and we are implementing staggered working hours & telecommuting. While we are working overtime to ship out orders as early as possible, we seek your understanding that delivery may take longer than the usual period of 5 working days. 

Potential Stock Shortage

Some of our overseas suppliers’ manufacturing & logistic activities are being affected by the Covid-19 situation. With the possibility of abrupt disruption to supply chains, some items may be out of stock without prior notice. If any item in your order happens to be out of stock, we will notify you and issue you a refund.

We recommend you to plan your order for essential pet supplies with a buffer for time & quantity in mind. Meanwhile, we encourage you to shop responsibly. Ready plans for alternative products is also recommended during this special time. 


Delayed Customer Service Response

We are significantly shorthanded at this moment due to staggered working hours and requirement to cut down our manpower capacity. Meanwhile, more and more pet parents are shopping online for pet supplies due to closure of physical pet stores. Many customers are anxious about delivery time at this moment as well. Our team has been greatly stretched due to high volume of orders and customer enquiries. As much as we want to respond you immediately, we may not be able to do so during this special time. 

Please kindly avoid last-minute ordering as we are not able to prioritize any specific order due to fairness and manpower constraints.  

Our team at aPetMart will stay at the frontline to minimize service disruption during this unprecedented time. We apologies for any inconvenience and seek your patience and understanding while we fight this together and keep our animal friends well cared for. As the situation keeps evolving around the world, we will keep you posted and adjust our operation accordingly in a timely manner to safeguard you, our staff and the wider community. Take care!