Wellness Dog Food and Cat Food in Singapore

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Wellness Pet Food in Singapore

Wellness is a premium brand owned by the pet food company Wellpet LLC. Established in the US, Wellness was endorsed and launched by veterinarians, nutrition experts and food scientists alike. aPetMart is proud to add Wellness pet food to our collection.

Wellness is committed to your pet’s overall wellness and health, which is why they aim to invent new ways to ensure that your pet’s meals are filled with thought, care, and nutrients. 

Wellness dog food and cat food are thoughtfully engineered to be as nutritious as they are tasty. The most essential nutrients and probiotics form the base of the Wellness recipe that is perfect for your furry companion.

Wellness has created a comprehensive quality checking procedure that assures their products are safe for consumption and overall, beneficial for your pet’s long-term health. 

Just a few decades ago, the team at Wellness began working with nutrition experts from the field to carefully craft recipes that would change pet food as we know it – which is how Wellness was born. 

However, that’s not all; Wellness is at the cutting edge of development with natural pet food. They are also heavily involved in community service and are deeply interested in improving and maintaining the environment.

Range of Wellness Pet Treats

Wellness offers a wide variety of pet food for your furry friends to enjoy, be it Wellness dog treats, dry cat food, kitten wet food, puppy treats, or meal toppers. The flavours range from salmon to turkey to chicken, so you can be sure to find something your pet will absolutely love. In addition, weight management recipes are also available.

aPetMart only stocks our shelves with products that we know are of the highest quality. Whether it’s food for your small breed puppy or large breed puppy, Wellness Core pet treats never disappoint.

Whatever stage of life your pet is at, whatever size or breed, you can be sure that Wellness has something to offer them. Its popularity is more than earned. Their naturalistic and healthy recipes ensure that your pet will be getting the nutritionally rich meals they need.

The simplistic yet well-rounded direction is what the new age of pet caretakers is heading for. The ingredients used are ethically sourced and authentic – so you know the advantages your pet reaps will also be authentic and plentiful.  

We have the selection of pet treats you need right here. Look through our collections for yourself at aPetMart online pet supplies store in Singapore.

What Are the Ingredients Used for Wellness Pet Food?

In crafting their recipes, Wellness carefully selects each ingredient for its nutritional value and health benefits for your pet dogs and cats. Wellness pet treats prioritise using real meat as a source of high-quality protein and also incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant properties. In an effort to provide the best possible nutrition for pets, the brand avoids using artificial colours, flavours, corn, wheat, soy, and by-products. The suppliers they work with are held to rigorous standards and exceed even the strict requirements set by the FDA.

Where Is Wellness Pet Food Manufactured?

Wellness pet food is produced in a facility owned by the company in Mishawaka, Indiana, United States. This brand of pet food is distributed to multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.