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Stella & Chewy’s in Singapore

Stella & Chewy’s is one of the best and most nutritious dog food and cat food brands being sold in Singapore. We at aPetMart support their mission to provide a healthy, raw diet for pets that don’t contain any harmful substances. Their patented SecureByNature® food safety process allows for the safe production of raw pet food. It does this by ensuring harmful bacteria are eradicated while retaining all the necessary nutrients for the continued health and development of your furry friends. Stella & Chewy’s manufactures a number of rave-worthy and premium pet foods, including freeze-dried raw Dinner Patties, Dinner Morsels, Raw Coated Kibbles, and Carnivore Cravings for cats. If you’re looking to buy Stella & Chewy’s online in Singapore, browse through our curated selection for delicious treats that your pet craves.

Stella & Chewy’s vast range of pet food consists of freeze-dried raw food and an assortment of other treats your pets will not be able to resist. It’s no wonder that Stella & Chewy’s dog food and cat food are some of the best rated in Singapore. Whether your puppy is craving some delicious freeze-dried raw dinner patties or cage-free turkey stew, we have you covered. Be sure that your pet gets the natural nutrients they need while they dig into this tasty assortment of doggy and kitty delights.

As a pet parent, you are constantly worrying about what they eat and how it can affect their health. After all, pet diets are notoriously difficult to pin down. Luckily, Stella & Chewy’s cat food and dog food are delicious as well as nutritious. Here are just some of the reasons this brand has been hailed for its high-quality food over the years:

Why Choose Stella & Chewy’s?

  • Dense in Meat

    Not many brands can offer as much meat content in their products as Stella & Chewy’s. Their freeze-dried raw products are made with 90-95% meat, so you know that your pet will get all the protein and nutrients they need for their continued healthy development and growth.

  • Guaranteed Food Safety

    SecureByNature® is their patented food safety process that, combined with high-pressure processing, quashes dangerous or harmful bacteria and prevents your pets from experiencing any adverse consequences. The fact that the products still manage to retain their addictive taste and nutritional value is a testament to the manufacturer’s quality.

  • Cruelty-Free

    The ingredients used by Stella & Chewy’s are all ethically sourced. You can shop Stella & Chewy’s products with a clear conscience as the lot number of all products can be tracked online with a detailed certificate of the analysis report.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Stella & Chewy’s online from aPetMart, your trusty pet supply store now for slashed down prices!