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Absolute Bites in Singapore

Absolute Bites is more than just a brand for your pet – it’s a way of life. The holistic approach taken by this brand ensures unparalleled quality in their cat and dog treats. As your pet’s caretaker, it’s imperative to be discerning when it’s time to plan your pet’s diet. Absolute Bites puts incredible care and thought into manufacturing its products. There will be no doubt in your mind that your pet is receiving the highest calibre of food they can get. From Absolute Bites freeze-dried dog treats to cat treats, their vast array of pet snacks is exactly what your canine and feline friend deserves.

Luckily for all the busy pet caretakers out there, Absolute Bites pet treats are simple and convenient to feed. It’s just what on-the-go, working pet parents have been waiting for. For instructions on how to feed and how much to feed, refer to the back of the package for a feeding guide.

In line with the Paleo Diet, Absolute Bites freeze-dried and air-dried cat and dog treats contain meat protein of 93%. They are nutritionally rich and are as natural as can be. The grain and gluten-free cat and dog treats do not contain any allergens or harmful substances. Just scoop the Absolute Bites pet treats and place them in the food bowl without having to worry about what you’re feeding them. You can rest assured that your pet will receive the most nutritious, healthy, and delicious treats they deserve,

Are you still debating whether you should buy some Absolute Bites dog treats and cat treats in Singapore from aPetMart? Here are some more plus points of making these snacks a part of your pet’s daily diet.

Why Choose Absolute Bites?

  • Rich in Meat

    Absolute Bites pet treats contain extremely high levels of real meat and proteins, ensuring that your pet receives all the nutrients they need for healthy development and adequate growth.

  • Food Safety

    Absolute Bites go through rigorous safety protocols and procedures to ensure the products meet the stringent standards in Singapore. Safety is a priority that will not be compromised.

  • High Quality Ingredients

    The ingredients used in the making of Absolute Bites freeze-dried and air-dried pet treats have all been ethically sourced and carefully curated to ensure that the foods produced are held to the highest possible standards.

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