Simple Solution Urinary Health Risk Indicator – For Cats

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Add granules to any single colored litter and if your cat’s urine is above (acid) or below (alkaline) the pH of normal cat urine, granules change color – yellow for acidic urine and purple for alkaline urine. Cats may not show they don’t feel their best, and monitoring your cat’s urinary pH can help when you suspect he doesn’t feel well. Litter additive changes color when cat urine is acidic or alkaline, so you may be able to schedule a veterinary visit before outward signs of illness appear. Safe for pets. Wash your hands after handling pet food or pet treats or touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste.

  • Simple Solution Urinary Health Risk Indicator for cats is added to any cat litter to check the pH of your cat’s urine and monitor urinary health
  • Urinary Health Risk Indicator use pH Check*, pH-indicating technology (proven to highly accurate)
  • Quickly changes color to help you identify any potential health risks, and can detect UTIs early
  • Simple, safe, and effective test to check your cat’s urinary health without unnecessary trips to the vet
  • Vet recommend and safe for pets


Simple Solution

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